Welcome to the Project Alpha Tomato Wiki

This is the official Wiki for Project Alpha Tomato, an open-source tabletop RPG game currently in development.

Making Edits

Because Alpha Tomato is in development, most pages are protected and cannot be edited except by admins. If you are not a developer of Alpha Tomato, you do not have admin privileges. If you want to request admin privileges, talk to Andy or one of the other admins/developers. If you don't know any of them, then you are barking up the wrong tree, because at the moment development of Alpha Tomato is restricted to the development team.

To-Do List

This is a list of some of the goals currently laid out for the development team, in order of priority.

  • Grant admin access to the entire development team
  • Create template pages for things
  • Use those templates to create pages for:
    • Traits
    • Trait descriptors
    • Aspects
    • Aspect descriptors
    • Indices and lists of traits, organized in whatever meaningful ways strike your fancy
  • Fill out the rest of the content by essentially copy-pasting pages over from the Summaries folder in the Drive
  • [Test Page]

Further Development

Google Drive still beats Wikia in the "discussion doc" field. Development of new content (new mechanics, proposals of reworks, the kind of stuff we would put in the Drive in a doc titled "Discussion" or "Proposal") should still take place in the Drive. This means that the Wikia site is phasing out the "Semi-Finalized Summaries" folder.

Regarding traits (none of which have yet been moved into Semi-Finalized Summaries), I'm working on constructing an organizational method to make adding traits to the Wikia site easier. I'll copy-paste some of them over just to set up templates and such, and let you know when it's set up so that we can move trait development to the Wikia site.

Latest activity

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