Shatter Bolt
Descriptors: Arcane, Spell, Metal, Destruction
Cost: 2 AP (pre-inflation)
Discipline: WIL
Prerequisites: Any Spellcasting Foundation trait, Magical Awareness (trait)
Training time: Days
Knowledge: Metal 1, Destruction 1
Book: High Fantasy
Spell Properties
Casting time: Instant
Components: Gestural, Material, Visual
Casting cost: 10 RP, 4 Fatigue
Duration: N/A
Range: 15m

You transform a handful of metal into a group of deadly metal shards, and launch them at high speeds at a target.

Shatter Bolt acts like a Volley attack maneuver made with a ranged weapon (base Accuracy +2, base Damage +4, Pierce +1, Range 15m), except that you add your Willpower to your Accuracy and Damage instead of your Reflex and Strength, respectively. Your target can use defense maneuvers to avoid this attack. This means that you can use Shatter Bolt during a reaction turn against someone in your controlled spaces. The material component for Shatter Bolt is a small handheld metal item (such as a metal bearing or dowel) or handful of metal shavings or shards weighing at least 200 grams.