Vortex Bolts
Descriptors: Arcane, Spell, Water, Destruction
Cost: 2 AP (pre-inflation)
Discipline: WIL
Prerequisites: Any Spellcasting Foundation trait, any Spellcasting Focus trait
Training time: Days
Knowledge: Water 1, Destruction 1
Book: High Fantasy
Spell Properties
Casting time: Instant
Components: Auditory, Gestural, Spoken, Visual
Casting cost: 12 RP, 2 Fatigue
Duration: N/A
Range: 10m

Several swirling, bright vertices of elemental Water energy flash into existence in your hands, and with a gesture, you fling them forth at a target. Flying quickly through the air, they hone in on their target and explode in a flashing display of energy.

Vortex Bolts deals 4 points of Physical damage to a single target within range. Vortex Bolts costs 1 RP less to cast for each point of Willpower you possess. This cannot reduce the total cost of Vortex Bolts below 4 RP.